Bring the Fancy One , the Foodie One , the Active One , the Chill One and — of course — the Fun One. Located on the beachy, tropical Caribbean side of Mexico, Generations Riviera Maya is the perfect spot for a fabulous, all-inclusive girlfriends getaway, with rates starting at $185 pp/pn!

One-, two-, and three-bedroom oceanfront luxury suites that are big enough to share and still allow everyone their space and privacy. Diverse and delicious Gourmet Inclusive® dining. Snorkeling, kayaking and water sports. Relaxing yoga and spa pampering. Plus tequila tastings and dance classes.

There are so many reasons to get the girls back together. You bring out the best in one another, so we’re bringing out our best deals for you. At Generations Riviera Maya there's something for everyone to enjoy. We're sure you'll find the perfect blend to match you and your tribe's personalities.

Fancy one


The Fancy One is the kind of girl whose hair is always perfect, even in a Riviera Maya seabreeze. Her swimsuit-sarong ensembles are ready for their close-up by the Infinity Pool. The Beach & Pool Butlers already know she’s a Prosecco bon vivant. And she would never compromise on luxury, thread-count or suite spaciousness.

  • Infinity Pool
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Sparkling Wine & Mimosas by the Pool
  • In-Suite Breakfast & Brunch
  • Reserved Pool & Beach Cabanas For the Group

Foodie one


The Foodie One lives by her taste buds and lets her appetite lead the way. Delicious discoveries are her favorite thing, so she’s eager to explore Habb Indian and Jade Pan Asian Cuisine.
It’s as if Gourmet Inclusive® was made just for her. And when she can pair a Margarita and authentic Caribbean cuisine with an ocean view, she knows she’s in the right place.

  • Cooking Lessons
  • International Cuisine
  • Expert Wine Pairing
  • Sparkling Wine & Mimosas by the Pool
  • In-Suite Breakfast & Brunch
  • Greenhouse Tour

Active One


The Active One never misses a 5K, spin class or a juice cleanse. She’s always “kale before carbs.” But she’s also “girls before leg curls.” So when her girlfriends say it’s getaway time, she’s packed and ready for paddleboarding on gentle turquoise waves, snorkeling the reef, and jogging on Riviera Maya’s pristine Caribbean sands.

  • Private Bike Tour to the Greenhouse
  • Bootcamp by the Beach
  • Tennis Clinic

Chill One


The Chill One keeps self-care top of mind. And Náay Spa is at the top of her must-do list. Especially the soothing lavender massage. You might see her practicing mindfulness in the lotus position, doing the downward dog at beachfront yoga or savoring the moment — and a glass of Sangria — on a Bali bed.

  • Hydrotherapy
  • Tranquil Kayak Tour
  • Library & Reading Area
  • Yoga Group Class

Fun One


The Fun One always keeps the party going and loves to live it up. Just give her the microphone and stand back for karaoke magic. Dance lessons? Tequila tastings? Yes and yes. She’s an original, one of a kind. And the most likely to take the group gallivanting to Generations’ sister resorts to enjoy the dining, beach and amenities of El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Casitas Royale.

  • Cocktail Class
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Swim-Up Bar
  • 24-Hour Room Service


Perhaps your best girlfriend is also your “mini me.” Generations Resort is the ideal mommy-daughter getaway, where you can make treasured memories amid kid-friendly surroundings, activities and all-inclusive luxury. Mommy-Daughter Getaways are best when the fun is easy and everyone feels pampered. Since Mommy has her hands full with precious cargo, we’ll provide the stroller, pack n’ play and other baby essentials in the luxury suite. Beyond the pools, Family Lounge and pristine Riviera Maya sands, a Pink Tea Party, jewelry making and other activities ensure perfect bonding time.


  • The History of Chocolate
  • Kids will learn how to make chocolate starting from the source! We will guide them in converting the cacao bean into a liquid chocolate mixture using artisanal equipment. Chocolate will be shaped into bars and finished off with an Eko Kids wrapper.

  • Tamale Making Class
  • The whole family will love this traditional Mexican recipe. Kids will learn how to prepare both savory and sweet tamales wrapped in corn husks and banana leaves.

  • Sushi Class
  • This exciting class teaches kids the history of sushi before showing how to fill them with their favorite ingredients and roll them into perfection.

  • Shaved Ice
  • Cool off from a day spent in the warm sun with this fun class! Kids will learn how to shave ice themselves and top it with their favorite local fruits for a refreshing, tropical treat.

  • Pasta Class
  • Who doesn’t love a plate of spaghetti? In this Italian-themed class, kids will learn how to make their own pasta dough from scratch and turn it into deliciously fresh spaghetti and ravioli!

  • Mexican Tortilla Making
  • Learn the art of Mexican tortilla making in this unique class. Our chefs will teach kids how to grind corn by hand, turn it into tortilla dough, form the tortillas in the press and even create yummy treats like tortilla chips, empanadas and sopes!

  • Mexican Sweets
  • Mexican sweets, known locally as “Dulces Mexicanos,” are delectable treats sure to satisfy kids’ notorious sweet tooth cravings. This class teaches kids the history and preparation of these traditional treats.

  • Greenhouse Harvest
  • This is one of our most exciting classes for little ones! Kids will have the opportunity to see how food is grown and experience a newfound understanding for the cultivation of our earth’s fruits and vegetables. We’ll take our little chefs to the nearby Karisma Greenhouse to pick a variety of fresh produce, including tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and herbs, and bring them back to the kitchen to learn how to prepare a delicious garden soup with a side salad.

  • Artisanal Ice Cream Making
  • Sure to be a favorite, this popular class lets kids create their own fruit blend and spin it by hand into a delicious ice cream treat.

  • A Taste of the Senses
  • This class is sure to surprise even the most skilled of young chefs! Kids will enjoy this interactive activity that aims to convey that what is seen by the eyes doesn’t always taste as expected.

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